Frequently Asked Questions

The most common question we get is "Are bath bombs safe to use?"

From my own personal experience I will say, YES, they are safe to use in moderation. I typically use bath bombs 3 times a week and have had no adverse reactions.


I do not recommend using bath bombs (or bubble bath for that matter) any more than a few times a week, as the ingredients can change your body Ph and potentially cause Yeast Infections. 


Our bath bombs are made with Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Corn Starch, Epsom Salt, Water, Coconut Oil, Polysorbate80, Lake Dyes and other essential oils and fragrances. Some of our bath bombs also contain small toys and should only be used under adult supervision, as small children can put the toys in their mouth!



Please be aware, bath bombs are very safe and used every day in women's and children's baths. It is the customer's responsibility to know if they have any adverse reactions to any of the ingredients listed above. Discontinue use if you have any reaction to our products!